Treasured Lily is a platform that was created to help inspire, motivate, and encourage women to live a life of purity. It Is a source to help women understand their worth, value, and that they are truly worth the wait. It is used to help women understand that living a life of purity, abstinence, and celibacy is possible and that your body, is God's temple. 


As stated in Isaiah 62:3 MSG Version: You’ll be a stunning crown in the palm of Gods hand a jeweled gold cup held high in the hand of your God.

MEET Olivia

Hello, my name is Olivia Tucker. I believe that purity is a precious jewel. It is understanding your worth and your value and knowing that you are truly worth the wait. It is a treasure that is worth protecting and guarding. Through this, Treasure Lily was birthed from the lifestyle that I chose to live. I made a vow to God to live a life of holiness and purity which I still hold strong to each day. No, at times it has not been easy but, as stated in Matthew 19:26: With God ALL things are possible. I truly believe that through understanding who you truly are and that you are worth being loved genuinely, you will be able to discover your full potential and will know that the wait is well worth it!! I am here to help motivate, encourage, and inspire you as you embark on this great journey of purity. 



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The White Lily

 is a flower that represents purity. I believe that purity is a treasure from God that is to be treated as a gift. It is not to be given away or to be taken lightly. A treasure is meant to be cherished. It is precious, valuable, and is held dear. Purity is a treasure that is a privilege to be honored and reverenced.


You would be surprised at who is watching your journey and being inspired by it.

Don't Give Up!! 

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